SYMB Students

SYMB want to host the Student House in Kalundborg. SYMB is already a strong community house, where there are room for locals in the cozy living room and at the same time, SYMB is an innovative entrepreneurial Hub for students and business actors.

In collaboration with students from University College Absalon and young volunteers from Kalundborg, SYMB want to be the platform for students and young volunteers to socialize, be inspired and network. The fundament for this platform is the volunteers and students. They will be the driving forces of the event making, facilitating the activities, and managing processes related to the events. All can join in with ideas and take part of the management of new and old events.

Nothing happens without the force and initiative of the volunteers – all the activities a developed, planned and conducted by the students and other voluntary driving forces. Join us 🙂


SYMBassadors is a team of students from University College Absalon and representatives from
SYMB. SYMBassadors arrange, plan and conduct different events for students in Kalundborg.
SYMBassadors aims to create a community and informal environment for and with the students of Kalundborg with where they build social relations, have fun and gain new knowledge related to their studies.

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Morning Club

Sunday brunch with SYMB – enjoy homemade brunch on Sunday mornings at SYMB! The perfect scenery to spend a wonderful time with your friends.
Have a cup of coffee and some omelet or pancakes, talk and chill with friends.

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Science and Beers

Science and Beers aims to make science fun and accessible. There are passionate people behind every job title, scientific discovery, education path etc. It is the aim of Science and Beers to get to know some curiosity driven stories going on behind the scenes and motivate the students of Absalon to encounter and by inspired be the people that works with science, engineering and biotechnology in Kalundborg. We cover a broad range of subjects, from carrier paths, science projects and engineering.

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Game Night

At Student Game Night you get the opportunity to meet new people while playing boardgames. It is a fun way to broaden your current group of friends. So, if you want to make new friends and just have a good time with other students just like yourself you should come and join us.

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Student Party Committee

Student Party Committee is a group of students dedicated to making the most epic parties Kalundborg has ever seen. From summer parties at the end of the semester, to Christmas lunches celebrating different cultures, we have it all! If you have some fun ideas and want to contribute to the organization, join us and let’s plan some amazing parties.

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Trash Busters

Do you want to have a nice time meeting new people and eat some cake, all while doing a good deed by keeping Kalundborg clean? Do you want to help the environment and meet some of the danish and international students in Kalundborg?
Then join SYMB Trash Busters!

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Want to know more?

For more information, please contact us at or phone +45 42 21 41 08.


SYMB  |  Banegårdspladsen 2  |  4400 Kalundborg
42 21 41 08 |