SYMB Trash Busters

Do you want to have a nice time meeting new people and eat some cake, all while doing a good deed by keeping Kalundborg clean? Do you want to help the environment and meet some of the danish and international students in Kalundborg? Then join SYMB Trash Busters!

At SYMB Trash Busters we want to make a positive impact on Kalundborg. We do this by collecting trash together while giving participants a place to connect and catch up. Every event ends with some time to just chill and network, while having a drink or a snack.

Contact: Lukas Leth mail: / phone: + 45 42 47 07 22


Want in? Join us now!

To join this event or for more information, please contact:
Lukas Leth,

Phone: + 45 42 47 07 22, e-mail:


SYMB  |  Banegårdspladsen 2  |  4400 Kalundborg
42 21 41 08 |